More recently, there has been some speculation that the Ripper was American, based on a similar contemporary murder in New York and the coincidence of the chief suspect in that case having spent some time in England. Cornwell’s theory is almost universally mocked by serious Ripperologists as a case of deciding the culprit before examining the evidence. This appears to implicate longtime leading suspect Aaron Kosminski, another Polish immigrant barber who ended his life in an insane asylum and certainly fits the criteria well. However, as might be guessed, the provenance of both the shawl (which doesn’t appear on the official list of Eddowes’ effects, but was handled by at least two of her descendants prior to testing) and the test results themselves are hotly disputed. It has further been pointed out that given Eddowes’ history of casual prostitution, singling out any specific man based solely on contact with her must be considered a dicey proposition at best.

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