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What is the best way to get rid of a lens? What do you call a mouse? Is the lens of the om om all the can be put on and use with pen ft.

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Size 9
Ireplacement box
Issue : a little tear on sockliner left shoe and drag on tiptoe sole. Ayon lang then the rest makinis
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Size 9
With og box
Slight fade sa insole and may himulmol sa sock liner which is normal sa pg1
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Size 10
10/10 condition brandnew
Never been worn
No issues
With og box and paper bag
For only
Size 9
No box
Slight yellowish on white sole tska yung sa transparent na design nya. The rest wala na issue!
Twice lang ginamit sa pag gala
For only
Size 9
8/10 condition deadstock
No box
Issue needs to reglue and baby drags and slight fade insole
For only 2k fixed

Size 9
No box
Issue : heel drags and mdjo naalis na yunh leather konti lang sa sock liner
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Need funds.
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