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canada goose uk black friday I remember when she got into Bigg Boss, she called me up very excitedly, and I told her, on, you can do this. You lose your dignity. They rip your clothes off, literally nanga kar detay hain. He was a Marxist, then he was Hitler, then he was coming for their guns, etc (none of that ever happened, or was proposed). Add to that the stupid lies promoted by our current President that he was actually not a US citizen, and what you have between 2000 and 20016 is two back to back examples of how both the conservatives and the liberals did the same things for different reasons.So ultimately, the main difference is in their goals. The deceit, lack of logic, and cynical tactics are generally the same.Broadly speaking of the US, think the poor should be actively supported and think that society should do what it can to help people who can’t help themselves canada goose uk black friday.